Saturday, September 27, 2008

Notes from the road; 24, 24, 24 links

Wordle after 24, 24, 24 post

I don't know what it is about Wordle that satisfies my inner geek, but periodically I love popping over there, entering the blog URL, and capturing a snapshot from the main URL at the time. The above wordle is from the 24/24/24 set of posts.

This has been a light blogging week since both of us are tied up with work and/or travel. I happen to be at an offsite with my colleagues (we're a startup of about 30 people), and for fun I took on the challenge of making dinner one night. I've never cooked for more than 8 at one point in time, so it was definitely an interesting experience. Because we have a lot of vegetarians and vegans in this crew (about half!), we decided to make a huge version of the vegetarian chili I blogged many weeks ago, with a ton of different garnishes (it seems to have been a hit). Cooking in bulk really has its own set of lessons and requirements.

Most of my time is spent in meetings here, but there's the occasional chance to duck into the kitchen (some people like to go for a walk to clear their head, I like to cook). While we were making hummus the other morning, my colleague Nicole taught me that you can better juice lemons by rolling them around under your palm first. I'm not entirely convinced it works wonders, but I suppose I should listen to the spirit of the Italian grandmothers she has known! Since no lemon is alike, it is impossible to do empirical testing, however if nothing else, this will be a fun task for me to give to munchkin to keep her occupied while I cook!

I've also been meaning to link to all the other 24, 24, 24 participants from this great event, and I'm hoping Palachinka, who had a fascinating post on medieval Serbian cuisine, doesn't mind that I pilfered her table of pics and links, since it was so nicely done! (the order is pretty random, and I had to move some things around to fit the narrower format of this blog)

24 Meals, 24 Hours, 24 Blogs - The Roundup:

Nemanjić Family Tree, fresco from Dečani MonasteryNoob Cook: East meets West in A Tropical Garden CityFoodwoolf: Farmers' Market Iron Chef: Battle in the KitchenSpanish Recipes: A Spanish Menu - My gift to the Winners of the Olympic Games
The Constables' Larder: From Provence to the Catskills - a Voyage from David to BertolliChateau Petrogasm: Welcome to the Chateau - An evening of Wine, Food, and ArtFig and Cherry: Aussie BBQ Bonanza - Celebrating DiversityCulinary Escapade: Chocoholic Heaven
Hugging the Coast: The Four Corners of Carolina BBQ Road TripCakespy: A Sweet Trompe l'oeilFood Junkie Not Junk Food: Hot Weather LunchMiami Dish: First Annual Farm to Table Dinner
Food Stories: The Very Best of BritishRed Cook: Mid-Autumn Festival BanquetFood Wishes Video Recipes: The "Found on Foodbuzz" 24-Item Tasting MenuLa vida en Buenos Aires y afines: From matambre to empanadas an argentine dinner
No Recipes: No Menus: an underground restaurant affairWandering Italy: Eating with Tuscan LocavoresPassionate About Baking: EAT LIKE A KING; FEAST FOR A MAHARAJAFeeding Maybelle: Eating Art: A Tasting Menu Inspired by Masterworks of Art
Jersey Bites: A Tomato Garden PartyZenKimchi Korean Food Journal: Behind-the-Kitchen with Chef Hu-nam Kim of Star ChefThe Accidental Scientist: `Aha`aina - Recapturing the Global Flavors of the LuauThe Nourished Kitchen: Criminal Tastes - An Illegal Supper


Stacey Snacks said...

Trust me the lemon rolling works!

I can take the oldest, tightest, ugliest lemon and make it juicier by it by rolling it on the cutting board with the palm of my hand!
It works every time!
Try it with limes too!

Giff said...

Italian solidarity eh? ;-)

I will trust in your wisdom. Rollin' wi' da Lemons, that's me.

noobcook said...

Thanks for the linkies ... I did a round up at my 24 blog post too :)

Christie @ fig&cherry said...

I hadn't seen wordle before - I'm addicted!!

Thanks too for the link. It was such a fun event.

Helen said...

Yes I am a massive wordle fan too! SO addictive. I love the way you did the roundup too, with the pictures.

Giff said...

Helen, I just wanted to be extremely clear that Palachinka gets *all* the credit for the photo and url roundup style.

Núria said...

Hola Giff! Thanks so much for linking me and I truly like the way you put this together :D... Should I do the same in my blog? Would you mind?

It's been a wonderful experience and it seems that is going to be monthly... wwooooohaaaa woooowwweee

Hugging the Coast said...

I hadn't heard of Wordle...neat tool! It reminds me of some of the great typographical art by Herb Lubalin.